Meet ColorSplash Illusions: The Canvas of Imagination

Welcome to ColorSplash Illusions, where fashion becomes a playground for your imagination. We are more than a clothing brand. We are a vibrant community of innovators, dreamers, and illusion enthusiasts.

Our Story

ColorSplash Illusions was born from a shared passion between a father and son - Harold and Morgan Winfrey. This Memphis, TN-based duo took their love for vibrant colors and puzzling 3D optical illusions and transformed it into an innovative clothing brand. Harold, despite his chronic pain since 2001, has always found solace in the world of vibrant colors, while Morgan, a media specialist, graphic designer, and the owner of Opticz Productions, brings his expertise in creating striking visual content to the table.

With the aim to incite fun conversations, evoke positive feelings, and express love for arts, ColorSplash Illusions plans to grow to be a popular online brand.

Our dream is to bring vibrant colors to every aspect of life. We're starting with apparel, but we aspire to expand our spectrum of colors to as many corners of life as we can reach. Through ColorSplash Illusions, we continue to paint the world in a more vibrant light, one design at a time.

Our Mission

At ColorSplash Illusions, our mission is to transform everyday apparel into works of art that allow our customers to express their unique style. We believe in the power of art, creativity, and individuality. Each piece we create is more than just a garment—it's a personal statement, an expression of one's personality, and a wearable piece of art. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, constantly exploring new techniques and themes to ensure our customers are always wearing something truly special.

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Our Products

Our products are where creativity meets comfort. Each piece in our collection is a canvas, adorned with intricate designs that seem to come alive with every glance. From T-shirts and hoodies to leggings and shorts, our garments are known for their vibrant color schemes, exceptional quality, and most importantly, their unique illusion designs. Crafted using high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing technology, our apparel not only stands out in a crowd but also offers superior comfort and durability. Whether it's an abstract illusion or an animal-inspired design, every ColorSplash Illusions product is a conversation starter, offering a unique blend of style and intrigue.

Remember, with ColorSplash Illusions, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing. You're wearing art.

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Chief Operations Officer

Morgan Winfrey

Morgan Winfrey, Chief Operating Officer of ColorSplash Illusions, is an innovative media specialist, photographer, and graphic designer. Originally the mind behind Opticz Productions, Morgan's artistic flair and entrepreneurial spirit have played a pivotal role in shaping ColorSplash Illusions. With a keen eye for vibrant designs, he's responsible for creating the brand's unique and eye-catching optical illusions. Passionate about art, design, and expression, Morgan aims to inspire others through the fusion of color and creativity.

Chief Executive Officer

Harold Winfrey

Harold Winfrey, the Chief Executive Officer of ColorSplash Illusions, is a true inspiration and visionary. Despite being disabled with chronic pain since 2001, Harold has never let his condition dim his passion for life and colors. His love for vibrant hues and intriguing illusions found a perfect match in his son's artistic talents, leading to the birth of ColorSplash Illusions. As CEO, Harold guides the company with wisdom, tenacity, and a ceaseless pursuit of excellence. His leadership and life story continue to inspire both his team and customers, adding a personal touch to a brand known for its creativity and innovation.